Sunday, March 4, 2012

Song Of the Banshee.

I wrote this all from Siouxsie Lyrics. It's no secret I'm a Banshee boy! So this is dedicated to you. Other fans will try to rip this off taking credit for it. So I decided to put it in my blog so I can honestly keep it before it is forever lost in the world of the internet.

"Song of the Banshee" a tribute poem by Wes (words all from various siouxsie/banshees/creatures songs)

 Laughter cracks through the walls as the frost bites my face,
look me in the eyes as I'm falling from grace.
A beckoning bouquet of blossoming lust,
I'm hearing you call from the cities in dust.
I heard a rumor of what has been done,
the nails deep in my head and the sound of the drum.
The waves crashing down on the venus sands,
instilling a lie to view perfect lands.
The placebo affect as we're all falling down,
the poppies are growing and I'm hearing the sound.
We shall not slither or wither away,
for the shooting sun rises whilst the ice names the day.
We're laughing and mocking the eyes that will scorn,
I'm designing the changes with no more forlorn.
Who needs the day to trouble the fear?
Your murdering mouth is all that I hear.
Magic in her hands as the dead flower grows,
her green fingers blossom the cannibal rose.
So here I am with a glittering prize,
it dazzles the mind with the light in your eyes.

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