Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bad publicity is better than no publicity and celeb death.

Today I will post on 2 subjects both will be about celebrities. I am not one to make post about famous people but these subjects are hot topics. You do not have to agree with what I am saying this is merely my view on these things.

First subject is Whitney Houston
When I was about 3 years old I watched her on MTV I loved her off the bat. I grew up watching her in movies, hearing her songs and even tried to mimic her song "I will always love you". As I got older I grew apart from her music as I leaned toward goth and punk subculture but still kept up with her from time to time. As everyone else I watched her spiral descent into the world of addiction, something she struggled with before she was even well known. We all made fun of her even though we loved her. She turned from Diva to hot mess over night with the saying "Crack is cheap I  make too much money to do that Crack is whack" When we really knew she was saying "Crack is cheap, I'm rich. What's the big deal?"
 We all saw her come back tour on youtube titled "Houston we have a problem" and we also saw her voice come back and amaze us again. Then sadly we saw her go down again this time never to return. While her hits were playing in every gay club in the world she was in a morgue doing her final interview with a forensic examiner.
 Now we are seeing horrible displays of people making fun of her and also talking completely disrespectful about her I even engaged in some of it until I realized she is someone's daughter, she is someone's mother (who mind you is completely destroyed by this and will never be the same). The day she died there were warning signs no one took heed to. She was alone in her bathtub with benzos and wine. You see, what happens when you mix pills and alcohol and soak in hot water what could be a potential fatal mix, seals your fate with the heat and blood flow dissolving the time release in pills and soaking in the alcohol rendering your body lifeless and helpless. Death is inevitable. The bottom line is drugs and alcohol are deadly especially when mixed together. Like I said in a facebook post "The disease of addiction does not care if you are rich or poor; famous or common. It wants you dead and does not discriminate." It is terrible and sad and it's time to let her rest and let her family cope with the peacefully send prayers not judgements. She was talented yes. But everyone who dies from drugs and alcohol is famous in they eyes of their families.

My second and last subject on celebs is Nicki Manaj's performance at the Grammy's
First off I will talk about the first offense to the Catholic church. OMG get over yourselves! Enough with guilt. We get it Mary wept! I know a lot of Weeping Maries too. Do you want to know what they do for it? Therapy and psyche meds, meetings and seek support. I swear the Catholic league gets angry when someone breathes wrong within a mile radius of a crucifix.
Now that I managed to piss of a few of you Catholics out there I will talk about the performance. Yes it was a disaster but nevertheless genius. Here's why: Madonna "like a virgin performance" the white wedding dress and laying on the floor moving sexually pissed off the nation. Everyone said what a disaster that was and how she should never perform again. Look at her now. I know there are many more but I will skip ahead to 2009 with Lady Gaga VMA performance a dramatic rendition of Paparazzi everyone wearing white a wheelchair with some girl looking like she's having a seizure and all of a sudden Lady Gaga walking with a cane. WTF? Then suddenly after a Beethoven piano solo blood is everywhere and she is hung. People were so pissed at this performance. It did not get good reviews at all people were freaked out, fundamentalist christians said she was blasphemous(again with the religious psychos) parents made their kids throw out her albums. I mean it goes on. But something else happened. She became more famous than ever known as being more inspirational and famous than Oprah. Yes GAGA we know you ripped off Madonna you made it obvious with born this way but we forgive you even though Madonna thinks your trying to be the new her is "reductive"
Nicki did something that night. She made people who didn't know her talk about her. She got a name for herself that night that gave her publicity. Being known for a terrible performance is better than not being known at all. I personally hated the performance but after it was done I loved her as an artist. So congrats Nicki you are well on your way to being known in the class of performers who made something out of nothing to become more famous than you hoped for.

So there you go. Like I said this post was only my opinion on the hot topics this last week.

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